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High Fashion Home

high fashion home

    high fashion

  • Fashion design is the art of the application of design and [[aesthetics]or natural beauty] to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.
  • haute couture: trend-setting fashions
  • This is a term (and category) used regarding the best of the current fashion trends.


  • Relating to one's own country and its domestic affairs
  • Made, done, or intended for use in the place where one lives
  • at or to or in the direction of one's home or family; "He stays home on weekends"; "after the game the children brought friends home for supper"; "I'll be home tomorrow"; "came riding home in style"; "I hope you will come home for Christmas"; "I'll take her home"; "don't forget to write home"
  • Of or relating to the place where one lives
  • home(a): used of your own ground; "a home game"
  • provide with, or send to, a home

high fashion home – West County

West County 019CHM Men's Work Glove, Charcoal, Medium
West County 019CHM Men's Work Glove, Charcoal, Medium
The must-have glove no gardener will want to be without, the West County Gardener Work glove is a gardener’s best friend. The well constructed glove makes both a fashion and function statement. Perfect for overall gardening, use it for maintenance and clean-up, light hauling, pruning and planting. It provides protection against thorns, splinters, blisters—even knocks and bruises. The work glove supports and protects hands while going unnoticed during garden tasks. Its supple fabrics make it lightweight, flexible and durable. And it maintains its close fit even after repeated washingMade with 20-Percent recycled yarnComfort fit will reduce blistersMachine washableFashionable colorsPull strap will keep debris out

High fashion

High fashion
In this school, someone painted everything yellow with a gold color reflective tile. Nothing, not even geling helps un-yellow. The walls ARE yellow. Anyway, it was a fun shoot. I got to take out my strobe kit into the field for the seconds time. Harder when poeple move around. But I’m basically happy.


camera left diffusion dome.
umbrella right.


I have always been afraid to be a weirdo and make a joke, have any authentic fun, be myself. Someone taught me it’s OK to be yourself and it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like it. So I asked my astrologer and this is what she had to say;

"With Moon conjunct Uranus, you get an emotional (Moon) kick out of shocking people with your strangeness (Uranus). This has something to do with your home environment and upbringing, since these are in your 4th house of home, along with Neptune and Mars. With the wide conjunct of Mars and Neptune, you don’t know what you really want, or what will give you lasting satisfaction, and you seek violence as a means of heightening your passion.

Venus opposite Saturn indicates difficulties in relationships, as Venus represents love, and Saturn is limitations and restraints. Venus opposite Saturn would have strong disciplinarian tendencies. It’s important to realize that a big part of this is caused by the fact that you’re actually very shy, unsure of how to meet new people, and don’t know how to get out of relationships once the thrill is gone.

Sun opposite Pluto is someone who often thinks the world is against them. With Venus opposite Saturn, and Mercury (communication) square Mars (drives, passion, energy) there’s a great deal of animosity, resentment and tension suppressed, which builds up in intensity until you explode with rage, or need for someone who will push you to that point so you can release the tension. "

Am I naked?!

Am I naked?!
I am naked. But I am most of the time when I’m at home, so no biggie. This is after I did some ridiculous high-fashion hair and make up to whittle away the hours waiting for That Guy I Live With to come home. I really like how sort of…dreamy…the curls in my hair look.
high fashion home

high fashion home

West County 054MM Gauntlet Rose Glove, Moss, Medium
Working with roses doesn’t have to be a thorny issue thanks to the West County Gardener Rose glove – the preferred glove of rose aficionados. This comfortable glove is thorn proof, lightweight, flexible and washable – nothing like the bulky rose glove of yore. It’s fully reinforced and has a protective elbow-length gauntlet designed to enhance airflow for added comfort. Made with unique 100-Percent washable suede, they are tough enough to keep thorns out, but supple enough for delicate tasks. Give this to your favorite rosarian and you’ll come out smelling like a rose.Light weight fully syntheticComfort fit will reduce blistersMachine washableFashionable colorsFull length gauntlet for protection


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